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Friday, May 25, 2012

Squeeek...Get the Bat outta Here

Let’s just say you haven’t lived until you hear the high pitch squeal of your dishwasher late at night. Only to realize your dishwasher isn’t running, oh good it’s not broken.

Then when you realize you have a bat in a precarious position that you can’t seem to get too. You make an attempt at grabbing it and it takes off like “a bat outta hell” (thanks meatloaf).

Swirling and swooping through my wide open house, there are no doors to close on the first floor so it was free reign.  Finally it stopped (and poof a real-life vampire).  No, it stopped but we didn’t see where. 

So, now its lock down mode.  We’ve got to look under and over and through everything.  The bedroom door was open, it’s getting late, have to sleep at some point.  

Completely clear out the bedroom, no sign of vampire, alright let’s get some sleep, yeh right. 

Morning comes (well the sun sort of comes up).  

Tip-toe downstairs, looking, waiting, listening.  

Nothing. Let dog outside.  

Squeeekkk… Oh $&^%!  Am I delirious it’s coming from the kitchen.  Comb through the kitchen, nothing. 

Squeeeeekkk!  What the He!! It’s coming from the turtle terrarium.  It’s not on the side of it.  

Stand on the kitchen counter look into the bowl.  The bat is surfing on my turtle.  Huh?!  What?! Like totally!

Cover it, carry outside, tada Houdini, help it out of the water and breath sigh of relief.  Bat outta the house.

Now it better eat all the skeeters! We had a deal!

Is the turtle ok. He'll be spending some time outside.

This video I found on youtube is a very familiar situation:


  1. I don't understand what kind of post is this. Is the bat dead? But why?

    1. Bristlecone, not sure if I can help but here's a shot...

      The bat is alive, the post is a story of the bat that appeared in my house, not sure how it got in. I couldn't find it after it took flight. The following morning their it was in the turtle's terrarium riding on the turtle's back like bat was surfing on his shell.

      I was able to get the terrarium outside and help the bat out of the water and onto a stone wall. I have not seen the bat since.

    2. Thanks God. she is alive. Thank you get her to fly.

  2. Hmm! Interesting post. But what is the relation between turtle and bat. Is in same pot?

    1. The bat flew into the turtle terrarium at night and we found him their the following morning.