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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dresser Drawer Plant Pot

CHECK OUT LINK for IN THE BOX Garden Container Instructions

A good looking and creative way to create a planter.

Recycle, Reuse, and grow. 

Now get to a yard sale.


  1. Ingenious! And a very nice way to repurpose old drawers. Would be a good statement piece on the patio. Wonder if plastic drawers will have the same effect. Maybe not.

  2. Not bad. This nice pot. But how long they serve? I also agree with Patio Design if plastic drawers may good.

  3. How long this would last would depend upon its location. If on soil, it would rot quicker as insects and moisture would quickly decay it from inside out. If on a solid surface it may last a season or two. (seal it and it would extend the life)

    This is just an example if I were to build one I would perhaps utilize a liner, and ensure proper drainage which would expand the life of the piece. In warm weather plastic may work, in a colder climate with freezing temperatures inexpensive plastic would most likely crack and fail.