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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hold everything...

I may be an IDEALIST...

Well I placed an order for Corian in a Martha Stewart - Warm Soapstone. (that's where Martha comes into the Kitchen)
Sounds romantic, but she's gone now.

I wanted QUARTZ, I wanted STONE.  
After all this is Natural Resource Design and even though Plastics and Recyclables are becoming a Natural Resource (we'll get to that)  I need a gray to really set everything off in the kitchen.

COST clouded my judgement.  I got so frazzled by the cost of the Quartz that I missed one of their lower tiered Grays.

How could I? 

An aimless walk through my local Depot looking for Electrical Supplies and hearing the countertops calling I noticed my lapse in judgement.

OH NO! I need to cancel my templating scheduled for tomorrow.

Check out this color scheme.
Which color appeals to your eye?
1- top, middle, bottom
2- top or bottom.