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Monday, November 29, 2010

...Time keeps tickin' Away...

my heart beats faster...
Drywall & Electric

Tile What? Tile Who?
Our first tile.

Full of smiles.
Tile & Cabinets?

Who can tell?
I can.
Well, the 1st Thanksgiving of the Kitchen Renovation has passed.  But it's the 5th of the total renovation.  My help has stayed on board for now.  

These are all little bits.  The kitchen is nearing completion, but this renovation combined a mudroom, powder room, laundry, and eat-in-kitchen all into a 20 x 20 space.  So stay tuned.  As pics are piling in.  And I may need help on the countertop selection.


  1. okay, I'm hooked...can't wait...
    for the kitchen & for the word verification taken off the comment form!

  2. My favorite commentor! Wait maybe my only. Still my favorite.