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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ski Bar

Idea. Trial and Error, Determination. The formula for eventual success. RIGHT?

Idea: Recycle old skis for something other than Adirondack Ski Chair. Bar top.

Activity: Cut down skis into relatively the same size units. Use masonry background and configure in a running bond.

Trial: Matt meet Epoxy, Epoxy meet Matt. Ok, Read directions, re-read directions, have father and project manager pal Monkey read directions, ask carpenter pal Jarhead for recommendations. Then execute.

NOT JUST YET! After your skilled craftsman Jarhead tells you to seal the area and you re-re-re-read the directions have a few beverages with Monkey and introduce a few more characters and listen to your testosterone and just pour the epoxy without letting any of the sealers cure.

Disaster and $200.00 of epoxy out the window, or in this case a small crack in the corner of the bar.

Determination: Purchase the remainder you need and stay up a few nights after the workday to pour some epoxy.

Success: Success is in the pictures. Stay tuned for the first party at the bar photos.

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